Welcome to Academy of International Communication for Ladies in Tokyo!
This is the place where charming ladies residing in and outside of Japan, who are filled with elegance, intelligence, and wits, meet each other.
Our program certainly is a great venue for relationship building and networking, but it is far more than that!

Through our creative programs, you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience through various inspiring classes on both modern and traditional Japanese culture, taught by renown masters in Japan.

For example,

☆sake (Japanese wine) class offers an experience to
“taste” Japanese history.
☆Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), Kimono dressing, Tea ceremony, Sushi making, Bonsai experience class enchants you with a graceful working of art, under the philosophy of extracting the inner qualities of flowers and branches emphatically.

To top it all, you can further join one of many stimulating one-day tours in Tokyo with the new friends made in the class and create unforgettable memories together !!

The grace and beauty refined through such in-depth and genuine Japanese cultural experiences enrich you internally and are promulgated externally.
Your unique, one-of-a-kind elegance will be exemplary to all around you.
When you return to your home country, your unrivalled charm will be a testimony to others of how fascinating Japan is!

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Tea ceremony lesson in Toyosu

Enjoy taking part in a tea ceremony while making friends with some wonderful Japanese ladies!